Diversion Safe

Diversion Safe

When a burglar enters your home, he’ll go straight for your valuables. He’ll check the most common places to hide your valuables, and for most people . . . he’ll find them. But he won’t find your valuables, because you took the time to hide them in plain sight.

That’s right. Your valuables are right where the burglar can see them – but he’ll never actually SEE them.


Because you had the common sense to hide your valuables in one of our diversion safes. We offer a great selection of common house hold products – personal care, food containers, cleaning supplies – with removable tops and bottoms.

These make great hiding places for your most valuable possessions because most intruders will never think to look in these hidden locations.

Sure, most criminals are very aware of hidden diversion safes. But most are in too much of a hurry (or just plain scared) to take the time to look for them. After all, the Chicago Crime Commission reports that these thieves will spend an average of just eight (8) minutes in your home before they make their exit.

In that time, they likely won’t be able to check the can of 7-Up you have in the fridge.

Each diversion safe has a removable top or bottom (some form of hidden compartment) that will let you hide your valuables in. They are all indistinguishable from the actual product, making it even harder for the intruder to find what you are hiding. They are even weighted to make it feel like they are full of the actual product!

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