Fake/Dummy Cameras

Fake/Dummy Cameras

Fake cameras (also known as dummy cameras) are extremely effective at deterring property crimes such as home invasions and vandalism. And they cost a fraction of the price of real cameras.

These dummy cameras are non-functioning – they do not actually record anything – but they look exactly like real, functional security cameras. Put one of these fake cameras next to a real one, and nobody will be able to tell them apart.

But because they look like the real deal, they are very effective at scaring away would-be burglars.

If a burglar is out looking for a house to break in to and sees a security camera placed above your front door, think he’ll decide to break into your home anyway? Not very likely – it’s more likely he’ll move on to the next house.

After all, he has no idea your camera isn’t real.

Dummy cameras are a very low cost solution for anyone who can’t afford real security cameras. Alternatively, you can even add these fake security cameras to your existing security system to make it look like you have even more cameras.

Many of our fake security cameras also have a red blinking light and a fake power cable to give the added appearance of a functional camera.

While these fake cameras will not help authorities catch a criminal, studies have indicated that the mere presence of a security camera is a very effective deterrent to property crimes.

Please browse our selection of dummy cameras to find the best fit for your home protection needs . . .

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