Hidden Cameras and Nanny Cams have many practical uses.  Maybe you think one of your kids is sneaking into your room and taking money from your wallet.  Or maybe you suspect your spouse hasn’t been faithful and you need the proof.  Perhaps you think the babysitter is abusing your kids.

Or you just want to have hidden cameras somewhere in your house in case there is a break-in, and the video it records could help catch whoever stole your possessions.

These reasons, among others, are exactly why hidden cameras and nanny cams are great to have around.  And many of them have practical uses as well – since they are disguised as everyday objects, you can get a new alarm clock and hidden camera at the same time!

There are two different kinds of hidden cameras – those that have a digital video recorder (DVR) built in, and those that do not.

Hidden cameras with a DVR built into the device is your best option – you don’t need any wires, you don’t need to have a receiver set up to record the video.  Everything is contained in the unit, making it easy to record and store the video.

Many of our hidden cameras also have Motion Activated Recording – meaning the camera will not be recording at all times, it only starts recording when it detects motion.  If you have pets that could set off the motion detector, there are settings to mask the lower portion of the sensor so it will not pick up that activity.

If you need a hidden camera, you are in the right place.  Please browse through our selection hidden cameras and nanny cams.  You can browse by cameras that have a built in DVR or without by selecting the appropriate category below:

Hidden Cameras With DVR   |   Hidden Cameras With No DVR

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