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Having something happen to your home is something none of us can afford. While there are some things that we don’t have any control over, there are some things that we do have control of. The way that we can control this is by having certain home protection items in place. There are quite a few things that not only protect your home, but it can protect you as well should something happen. So, what are a few of the home protection items that are essential to have in your home?

One of the first things that we tell people to have are fire extinguishers. There are some that don’t even own one of these and sadly, there are some that find that they could have used it. When a fire starts and it is small, you can easily contain the fire so that it doesn’t spread. Along these same lines, you should also have smoke detectors in every room. The best type of smoke detector to have would be one that has a carbon monoxide detector built in with it. Many people die in their home because they didn’t notice that they had a leak and carbon monoxide was leaking into the home. Carbon monoxide is a silent killer. If an individual has a carbon monoxide detector in their home, it could easily save your life, and the lives of your family.

Just having home owners insurance can be a huge home protection. This way, your home will be covered if something were to happen to it. Any incident that happens to the property can be taken care of by filing a claim. This is something that many don’t have and when something happens, they regret it. There are all sorts of home insurance coverage that people should get, especially if the individual lives in a flood zone.  It is best to talk to your insurance company to find out what kind of insurance you need to best protect your family and home.

Home entry alarms is something else that home owners should really have. There are many ways that these can help to keep both you and your home safe. There are many different kinds of entry alarms, and some will even call the police automatically when the alarm is triggered.  These types of systems are often expensive, but there are many effective options that are very affordable.

There are door and window alarms that emit a very loud alarm when set off – this serves as a deterrent for anyone attempting to break into your home.  Burglars like to enter a home undetected, and these loud alarms (sometimes as high as 110 decibels) make that impossible.  Chances are very good that the would-be burglar will leave as soon as the alarm starts to sound.

Fake Camera

This looks just like a real security camera, right? No one will ever know it’s not the real thing.

Another thing that you should have would be home security cameras. They can offer a great deal of home protection. People can get these and have them hooked up to the television and the Internet so that they can check them from their television or computer. This allows you to see who is at the door. Just the mere presence of security cameras has been shown to reduce crime, so be sure to mount your security cameras in visible places.  In fact, you don’t even need to have real cameras installed – because just seeing the camera can have the desired effect. There are very affordable fake security cameras that will do just fine, and serve the purpose you need.

While we hate to think that we might need such items, it’s never bad to plan ahead. Anything can happen and you want to be prepared if something does happen. By making sure you have these home protection items in place now, you can avoid a crime or damaging accident down the road.

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