The Kubotan is designed to increase the effectiveness of any strike.  Made of aluminum, it can cause extreme pain when you strike your attacker in a bony area, soft tissue, and nerve points.

Can easily be attached to your keychain so you always have it with you.  They come with either a flat or pointed tip, and come in various colors.

See below for more information on how to best use the Kubotan for self defense . . .

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Product Description

Like was mentioned above, the Kubotan is meant to increase the power of any strike.  You don’t need to deliver precise blows with this self defense tool – it is best to just aim for the most logical spots, the spots that are most likely to stun your attacker or cause him the most pain.  Such as:

  • Groin
  • Stomach
  • Solar Plexus
  • Throat
  • Arm
  • Shin
  • Hip Bone
  • Collarbone
  • Ankle
  • Kneecap

A good blow to one of the bony parts of the body should be enough to make your attacker rethink what he is doing.  If you hit your attacker harder, and in the correct place, you can easily break bones – leaving you with more than enough time to get away from your attacker.

When using the Kubotan, it is most effective when hitting vulnerable spots of the boddy.  Swinging strikes work best when targeting bony parts of the body, while pokes and jabs are more effective when going after fleshy areas.

But there really is no wrong way to use this self defense tool – just hit the closest body part as hard as you can.  Regardless of where you strike your attacker, you should cause enough pain to startle him, and give you enough time to get away.

And because it can be attached to your keychain, you can take it anywhere you go.  To most, it simply looks like part of your keychain, and won’t be seen as a self defense method.  But when used properly, it can be extremely effective when warding off attackers, and very well may save your life.

Additional Information

Weight 1.0 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 5 x 5 in

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