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The video below is extremely violent, and may be difficult to watch for some.  It is a video of a woman that was violently beaten in front of here 3 year old daughter during a home invasion.

This video was taken thanks to a nanny cam, and should provide valuable information to law enforcement to bring this criminal to justice.

This is also a great example of how very simple self defense items, such as pepper spray or a stun gun, could end this horrific situation right away.

Or simple door or window alarms could have prevented this guy from ever entering the house.  If there was an alarm set on the back door or windows (presumably where the intruder entered), a very loud alarm would have went off and the people in the house would have been alerted right away.  The neighbors also would have heard the alarm, and there is a very good chance the sound would have scared off the intruder before he even entered the home.

I certainly don’t want this to seem like I am making light of this situation.  This women is very brave.  She repeatedly gets up after suffering violent blows to protect her child.  It seems her only thought is making sure her daughter is protected.

It is just unfortunate that effective self defense tools were not readily available to assist her.  The only good thing from this is it was all recorded and will hopefully lead to an arrest.

If you watch the video below, please be aware that it is extremely disturbing.  I had a hard time watching it myself, but I am posting this because I believe it is important to realize the very REAL dangers that are out there.

And read up on how New Jersey is working on increasing penalties of home invasions here:

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