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I’ve been guilty of this many times myself.  I put my car in the garage when I get home, and I’m planning on going out again in the next few hours, so I don’t bother to close my garage door.

This really isn’t a smart idea.  And a man in Tulsa, Oklahoma found this out the hard way.

Tom McCarver has a habit of leaving his garage door open when he comes home for lunch.  But this time someone with a gun decided to enter through the garage and rob him at gun point.

Mr. McCarver was lucky to get away, and the intruders were eventually caught when they used his credit cards.

From the article:

Police say thieves will always look for an open garage door to gain easy access into homes. That’s why it’s so vital that they be kept closed.

This serves as a reminder – even though you’re home, and it is the middle of the day, does not mean someone isn’t desperate enough to break in and do whatever they can to get your valuables.

If a thief is driving by, and sees even the smallest opening, that’s all they need.

Home Invasion

When it comes to home security, always remember to close your garage door. An open garage door is like an open invitation for someone to break in to your home – even in broad daylight.

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