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Having a security system in place is supposed to make you feel completely safe.  But is that always the case?  One family found out the hard way that’s not always true.

Here’s why . . .

Not every wireless network is password protected – there are actually 4 within range of my house right now that are not protected.  Anyone can use their network, and this opens the door for hackers to do whatever they want.

And many who DO have a password protected network don’t have a very strong password.  So they face the same problem.

A family in Texas found out just how terrifying this can be when their baby monitor that was hooked up to their wireless network was hacked into:

Marc and Lauren Gilbert were terrified when they heard a strange voice calling out to their 2-year-old daughter Allyson, through a baby monitor in her room. The Texas family learned the hard way that almost anything connected to the Internet can get hacked.Home Protection

According to ABC News, Gilbert was washing dishes on the night of Aug. 10., when he heard noises coming from his daughter’s room. He and his wife went in to investigate the situation, when they witnessed something more disturbing than they thought possible.

A voice coming through a baby monitor, that was hooked up to the home’s wireless Internet system, appeared to be operating on its own. CNN reports that the hacker used the device to curse and say sexually explicit things to the sleeping girl — calling her by name and telling her to wake up.


Basically, anything that is connected to your wireless network can be accessed and controlled by hackers.  This includes nanny cams and even your home security system if it is connected to your network.

Think about this:

Security Researcher Kyle Lovett, says web cams can be turned on remotely by hackers even when you’re not home, which is downright scary.

But there’s more. Lovett admits over half of the IP web cams out there do not prompt users to change the default user’s name or password. Cams have a vulnerability where hackers can bypass security and get right into the camera.

Lovett showed a live feed of someone’s home, where he was able to access a nanny cam hidden in a teddy bear. The vulnerability is not just web cams but any camera connected to the Internet, traffic cameras included and this opens the door to a host of potential dangers.

This means cameras can be manipulated at the whim of a hacker. Even children’s laptops have been compromised, increasing the threat tenfold.


Having everything connected to your wireless network makes things very easy.  But it also poses problems like the ones talked about here.

So, how can you decrease your risk of getting hacked like this?  Here’s this, according to that same article:

However, experts like James Younger, Cyber Security Instructor at TrainACE, say there are measures the public can take to protect themselves from home hacking invasion.

Change your default settings, like your username, passwords and turn off remote access to your cameras. If you can remotely turn on a camera or webcam at home, chances are hackers can too.

Security systems are a HUGE deterrent to crime – and are a great way to keep an eye on your loved ones at the same time.  But only if they are secure.

In the world we live in – with a vast majority of our daily lives online – we need to make sure our networks are secure before we connect them to any security devices.

Strong passwords are a great start, along with changing the factory settings of many of these devices.

With ANY security device you get, be sure to read the instructions.  And you also want to research that device online to make sure there aren’t any known security holes that could endanger your family.

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